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The 10,000 Adventures of Minnesota Dan Book Series


This series consists of ten books, each being an adventure story that help children who are experiencing treatment protocols for cancer. The stories give children a sense of hope, inspiration and encouragement as they move toward a cure of their disease.

why these stories are important?

A young boy and his dog, take a canoe ride on a lake. A large bird swoops down toward the canoe, and the boy swats at him causing the canoe to tip. Frightened, the boy asks God for help to save them both.


With his Dad, a young boy goes for a sailboat ride when an unexpected storm sweeps across the lake. During the storm, the boom "bops" his dad on the head, knocking him dizzy. "This is really scary, the boy thinks to himself." Frightened, the boy asks his Guardian Angel for help.


Two young boys, best friends, decide to take a long biking/camping trip through the rolling hills of Southern Minnesota. It would take them through glorious farmland and into one of the established areas in the state of Minnesota where Amish communities flourish.


During a snow storm a young boy and his three brothers go cross-country skiing. In the forest, several of the boys don't negotiate a turn and end up in a snow bank. In a key moment, as the boy waits for his brothers, he sees a herd of deer in the distance staring at him. The scene is magical. Snow is lightly falling and the boy is reminded of the knowledge that God truly is in all things.


Book Five: How I Speak To God

This book offers a prayer guideline that is simple and straightforward. It suggests that when we pray, we are either saying thank-you for what we have in our lives or that we are asking for assistance with something that troubles us. Prayer is a way to communicate with God. It’s how people speak to the Creator.


Two competitive racers' bond of friendship is put to a severe test as they're faced with making a decision that could tarnish the bond they've built.


When Malik's dad first told him about a trip to Florida, he jokingly said to him that they would have a special adventure and take a "magic carpet ride" to see his grandparents in sunny Florida. Malik thought that sounded both exciting yet scary because he didn't know what his dad meant by a "magic carpet ride".


Dan, his brothers and a friend go camping and hiking for weekend adventure in a wonderful park in Wisconsin. They climb to the summit of one of  the surrounding hills and enjoy a fantastic vista of the Hiawatha valley along the Mississippi River. During a break for lunch they encounter a rattlesnake and panic causes great fear and confusion. Dan keeps everyone calm and begins a quick and powerful prayer for help. Dan’s Dad springs into action and swiftly removes the snake from their midst.


Book Nine: Oxidado, el Golden Retriever, Salva el Dia

Spanish version of Rusty, the Golden Retriever, Saves the Day


Book Ten: Como Habloa Dios: Ensenando a los Ninos a Rezar

Spanish version of How I Speak to God: Teaching Children How to Pray


Dan, his niece and his Dad’s friends take an exciting overnight sail north toward Canada and Isle Royale in Lake Superior. The lake is big with waves that seem to make their sailboat seem so small. The high-light of the trip comes during a quiet evenings sail when the Northern Lights explode across the sky with an incredible display of colors flashing throughout the night. The majesty of the experience confirms to Dan the wonder of God’s presence magical events on earth. To be printed in fourth quarter of 2018.

Coming Soon

Dan, his parents and a friend begin the walk along the famous 400 mile El Camino trail. The days are filled with wonderful experiences that include walking through a beautiful environment and unique architecture that cannot be seen in his home state of Minnesota. The daily, friendly encounters with a vast array of people they meet from all countries adds to the richness of the experience.  Dan had not anticipated the power of the quiet evenings which allow for sensitive inner reflection and spiritual growth. To be published and printed 2019.

Coming Soon

Travelling to the Southwest United States, Dan gets experiences a camping trip with several Native American kids his own age. Steeped in their tradition and history, they share their culture and stories about life. The powerful mystical visions on blessing Mother Earth is uniquely found in their caring of all things sacred to all people. To be published and printed in 2019.

Coming Soon

Making the journey to Machu Picchu was always on the family wish list of things to do. The invitation to travel to Peru came from a friend and Dan and his family decided to have another adventure far from home. The Andean school was an unexpected treat as a whole new world was opened for them to discover and enjoy. The culture, rich in tradition and joyous communication with the beauty of what Mother Earth has to give each of us was beyond anything they could have imagined.

Coming Soon

The long awaited trip to Australia becomes a reality for Dan and his family as they are guests of dear family friends the Coopers. Dan embarks on a walkabout out in the outback of the Australian bush country. Dan meets several native children who are descendants of aboriginal families. They share great stories which embrace the magical mysteries of the aborigine nation.

Coming Soon

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Why these stories are important

Comfort, inspiration & joy

During my son's chemo-therapy treatment, reading adventure stories was a source of great comfort, inspiration & joy to him. As he became involved in exciting situations with the heroes in the stories, the pain he experienced from his treatments became somewhat bearable.

Hopeful adventure

Young people typically like to read adventure stories about other children. The stories in this series are educational, have a spiritual meaning & are exciting. Each of the stories offers a sign of hope.

Tools during

treatment protocols

These books offer hope & inspiration to children receiving quality medical care during the time they receive their treatment protocols.

  • In each story there is a time when the boy, the protagonist in the story, calls upon God for assistance to help him through a difficult situation. He receives the help he asks for, and at the end of the story, he offers a prayer of thanks to God for the help he received.

  • Working in concert with excellent medical care, the aspect of hope has proven to be an immensely positive aspect in the process of healing.

  • Subliminally, asking for & receiving help from God is important for the children to have, especially, at a critical time in their life when they are receiving treatment for a disease that is both scary & confusing to them.

  • Discussion questions at the end of each story promote opportunities for dialog & engagement focused on lessones that the boy learned for the future.

Assistance to siblings

The stories also offer assistance to the siblings of the child being treated by providing hope themed entertainment as they wait for their brother or sister to complete their treatment protocols.


Individuals and/or corporate sponsors will have their names & corporate logo placed on the outside back cover of the book they choose to support


From a marketing perspective, the corporate exposure of the sponsors of this project are significant.

  • Families will become familiar with the sponsoring corporation or individual.

  • Volunteers would be exposed to the sponsor.

  • Increased awareness among parents, grandparents & family friends will occur.

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