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Mr. William Manning

& Ms. Ruth Mickelsen

Minneapolis, MN

Mrs. Thais Cabral & Family

in memory of Neal V. Cabral


The Tom Coughlin

Jay Fund Foundation

Jacksonville, FL

Ms. Susan & Mr. Loren Omoto     Maitland, FL
Mr. Ron Palmer, Fields Cadillac     St. Augustine, FL
Mr. William Manning & Ms. Ruth Mickelsen
     Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Keli Coughlin     Jacksonville, FL
Mr. Tom Coughlin     New Rutherford, NJ
Mr. James Swanson     Hillard, FL
Ms. Megan & Mr. Guy Buonincontro     Mahtomedi, MN
Ms. Tricia Iten-Maly & Mr. Matthew Maly     Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Amelia Rulich-Maly & Dr. Michael Maly     Chicago, IL
Ms. Barbara LeBuhn-Maly & Mr. Timothy Maly     Chicago, IL
Ms. Alease Young     Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Maggie Cabral-Maly and The Cabral Family     Connecticut

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Iten     Bismark, ND

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Hitch     Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ms. Joan Kark     Northfield, MN

Anonymous Foundation     Chicago, IL