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Our cause is made possible through the generosity of many individuals. Here are a few that we are happy to call friends.

Sponsor of Book 1

Rusty, the Golden Retriever, Saves the Day

Focus On Excellence

Sponsor of Book 2

Dan The Sailorman

Mr. William Manning

& Ms. Ruth Mickelsen

Sponsor of Book 3

Biking Through Amish Country

The Tom Coughlin

Jay Fund Foundation

Sponsor of Book 4

Dan The Sailorman

Mrs. Thais Cabral

& Family

in memory of

Neal V. Cabral

Sponsor of Book 5

How I Speak To God

Tim and Malik Maly

in memory of

Barbara LeBuhn

Sponsor of Book 6

How Beth Wins The Gold

Mr. Morris and Mrs. Paula Bellick

Mr. Tim Maly

Mr. Hal and Mrs. Susan Hitch

Sponsor of Book 9

Oxidado, el Golden Retriever, Salva el Dia

Ms. Kathleen Ann Flynn and Rev. Robert Peter Stamschror

Sponsor of Book 10

Como Habloa Dios: Ensenando a los Ninos a Rezar

Ms. Thais Frances Cabral

Contributions from individuals

We continue to seek partner relationships across the country & donation sites for our books. Here are a few that we're lucky to call partners.

Ms. Patricia Cipriano    Jacksonville, FL     
Ms. Gloria Cipriano  Copiaque, NY

Mr. Joseph L. and Ms. Kathryn M. Cabral  Southport, NC

Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cipriano  Jacksonville Beach, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Noble King  Brunswick, ME
Dr. John and Mrs. Maureen Cabral   Quaker Hill, CT                 
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bellick   Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Dr. Joshua and Dr. Susana Perry   Ponte Vedra Beach, FL     
Mr. and Mrs. Alton Yates  Jacksonville, FL
Mr. Barry and Dr. Patty Adeeb  Jacksonville, FL
Mr. Paul and Mrs. Helen Umberg  Clearwater, FL
Dr. Jack and Mrs. Ruth Chambers   Neptune Beach, FL
Ms. Susan Lehr  Jacksonville, FL
Mr. William and Mrs. Muriel Hattori  Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Mr. and Mrs. George Martin  Brooksville, FL
Ms. Cynthia Moldovan  St. Augustine, FL
Dr. Barry and Mrs. Peggy Mink  Aspen, CO
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peirce  Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mr. and Mrs. David Spires  Jacksonville, FL
Ms. Anne Trainor Monk  Nichols, SC
Ms. Betty Snyder  Jacksonville, FL

Mr. John Cummins  St. Augustine, FL                    
Mr. Charles Stratmann and Dr. Julianne Stratmann  Jacksonville, FL
Rev. Robert Stamschror  Winona, MN

Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brown  Santa Rosa, FL
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Hill  Ponte Vedra Beach, FL
Mr. Ernie Iseminger  Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Mr. William Manning & Ms. Ruth Mickelsen   Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Keli Coughlin   Jacksonville, FL
Mr. Tom Coughlin   New Rutherford, NJ
Mr. James Swanson   Hillard, FL
Ms. Megan & Mr. Guy Buonincontro   Mahtomedi, MN
Ms. Tricia Iten-Maly & Mr. Matthew Maly   Minneapolis, MN
Ms. Amelia Rulich-Maly & Dr. Michael Maly   Chicago, IL
Ms. Barbara LeBuhn-Maly & Mr. Timothy Maly   Chicago, IL
Ms. Alease Young   Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Maggie Cabral-Maly and The Cabral Family   Connecticut

Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Iten   Bismark, ND

Mr. & Mrs. Hal Hitch   Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

Ms. Joan Kark   Northfield, MN

Anonymous Foundation   Chicago, IL

U.S. Organizations who have received books from us

Ronald McDonald House Charities

310 locations

across the U.S.

Children's Miracle Network

140 hospitals across the U.S.

International organizations who have received books from us

Ronald McDonald House Charities

90 locations

in Central & South America, Spain and Portugal

Ronald McDonald House Charities

87 locations

in Australia and New Zealand

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