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Biking through Amish Country in Southern Minnesota

Two young boys, best friends, decide to take a long biking/camping trip through the rolling hills of Southern Minnesota. It would take them through glorious farmland and into one of the established areas in the state of Minnesota where Amish communities flourish.


One morning as they were travelling along on their biking journey, they encounter a small black bear on the path. To avoid the bear, one of the boys tries to go around it, but the bear gets scared and suddenly turns toward the boy to try to get out of the way. Making a quick turn himself, the boy ends up in a ditch with a twisted wheel. The bear runs away and as he lays in the grass, somewhat dazed but unhurt, the boy prays for a miracle for some way to get his wheel repaired. Low and behold he gets the help he prayed for, and it comes in the form of an Amish farmer who straightens out the wheel.


The trip continues and as they come to the end of their trip, both boys are thankful for the assistance they received. The boy who had the twisted wheel reflects on the help he got from the Amish farmer and offers a silent prayer to God in thanksgiving.


A young boy and his dog, tak a canoe ride on a lake. A large bird swoops down toward

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