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How Beth Wins the Gold

In this fifth book of the series, Dan and his best female school friend, Beth, register for a school-sponsored, citywide running contest. Winning the prestigious race is something the elite runners in the city want to accomplish. Beth and Dan are no exception. As they train together every day for months, a deeper bond of friendship is made even stronger between them. They are determined to win the race.

Beth and Dan are exceptionally fast runners and ultra competitive athletes. Each has a keen desire to win any athletic contest they participate in. As expected, the competitive spirit between them is present from the day they sign up. At the start of the race, with a wink and a smile, both challenge each other to win the first-place gold medal.


However, unknown to the two of them, at a critical point in the race, this bond of friendship will be put to a severe test as the two friends are faced with making a decision that can potentially tarnish their beautiful friendship.


A young boy and his dog, tak a canoe ride on a lake. A large bird swoops down toward

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