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The 10,000 Adventures of Minnesota Dan Book Series

This series consists of four books, each being an adventure story that help children who are experiencing treatment protocols for cancer. The stories give children a sense of hope, inspiration and encouragement as they move toward a cure of their disease.

why are these stories are important?

Rusty, the Golden Retriever, Saves the Day  
  Book One:

A young boy and his dog, take a canoe ride on a lake. A large bird swoops down toward the canoe, and the boy swats at him causing the canoe to tip. Frightened, the boy asks God for help to save them both.

  Book Two:
Dan the Sailorman

With his Dad, a young boy goes for a sailboat ride when an unexpected storm sweeps across the lake. During the storm, the boom "bops" his dad on the head, knocking him dizzy. "This is really scary, the boy thinks to himself." Frightened, the boy asks his Guardian Angel for help.

Biking through Amish Country in Southern Minnesota
  Book Three:

Two young boys, best friends, decide to take a long biking/camping trip through the rolling hills of Southern Minnesota. It would take them through glorious farmland and into one of the established areas in the state of Minnesota where Amish communities flourish.

Cross-Country Skiing in Mystical St. Yon's Valley
  Book Four:

During a snow storm a young boy and his three brothers go cross-country skiing. In the forest, several of the boys don't negotiate a turn and end up in a snow bank. In a key moment, as the boy waits for his brothers, he sees a herd of deer in the distance staring at him. The scene is magical. Snow is lightly falling and the boy is reminded of the knowledge that God truly is in all things.

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