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Matt Swenson

Founder, Metamorfos Strengths-Based Coaching & Branding


Matt is the founder of Metamorfos LLC, a strengths-based coaching and branding company. He helps lead companies, teams, and individuals to success through who they are, not by developing who they aren’t. Matt dumped the traditional “do as I say” consultation model. Instead, through his discovery process and the Gallup StrengthsFinder Assessment, he helps develop your unique model for success. That way, when he steps aside, you have a program that’s built to stick because it’s all about you.


“If everybody’s gonna eat, somebody’s gotta sell.”



Matt first encountered these words as a boy, visiting his grandfather’s office at the StarTribune. Grandpa Bill, who earned Hall of Fame status through the International Circulation Manager’s Association, influenced Matt in his first job as newspaper carrier and throughout his 24-year career in medical, sales and marketing. Today, Matt believes that everyone in an organization sells, whether their business card reflects it or not. And with thirteen years spent working for the world’s largest manufacturer of dental supplies, he’s seen how those who utilize this principle are miles ahead of the competition. The problem is, employees can’t sell if they don’t understand their vital importance to the business. When they feel valued and engaged, on the other hand, Matt believes great things happen: They work harder and smarter. They innovate. They find new ways to delight customers—and keep them coming back for more. As founder of Metamorfos, Matt puts these insights to work, guiding business transformation for clients who want to achieve more through their strengths… and reach ever higher.



During his 12 year sales and marketing career at Dentsply Int. (NYSE: XRAY), Matt enjoyed an insider’s access to medical practices around the country. And with thousands of hours of chairside observation, plus thousands more spent collaborating with key opinion leaders, national education centers, practice owners and team members, Matt brings a clear view of the challenges facing medical practitioners and business owners—and the most effective strategies for overcoming them.


  • Award-winning sales and sales management performance;

  • Creator of Full-Circle Endo for Dentsply Tulsa, an innovative, integrated business approach developed to enhance “The Challenger Sale;”

  • 7 years of success as a profitable marketing business owner;

  • Proven product management and product launch expertise;

  • Avid business “learner” and reader;

  • Won 12 sales and 9 marketing awards; Featured in design book;

  • Extensive public speaking and training experience;

  • International business experience;

  • Best Buy corporate advertising and design;

  • Ridgeview Medical Center marketing and public relations.


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