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Throughout history, people have found great comfort in sitting quietly to think about their personal needs or events occurring in their lives. Sitting quietly also gave people another way to communicate with their God. In this seventh book in the series, Dan discusses a time when he was not feeling well, and how he found quiet time to think about the things that were important to him in his life.

One day he read a book that mentioned if you sit quietly and practice deep breathing exercises for a few minutes each day, you can eventually bring a measure of peace and serenity into your life. After a while, and with practice, he did experience a sense of calm and peacefulness, and it was wonderful because he could help himself feel better.

The book explores how to practice being quiet and what it takes to find a measure of personal fulfillment.


How I Listen to Myself Think: Finding Personal Quiet Time

(Teaching Children How To Meditate)

Coming Winter 2016

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