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Angela's Gift: The Magic of Learning To Read

This is a true story about events in the life of a very special person. For the sake of her privacy, her name is Angela and she is an eleven-year-old girl living in Southern California. When Angela was very young, she and her parents discovered that it was difficult for her to read books. For her, the words appeared turned around. It was confusing and frustrating for her when she tried to figure out what the words meant.

On a vacation to Florida, Angela and her family visited her mother’s cousin. At the end of the visit, her cousin gave Angela six books of a series—adventure stories written for children. At first, Angela wasn’t sure about trying to read the books. She knew the words wouldn’t seem right. She opened the books anyway and soon discovered that the illustrations, or pictures, in the books were so exciting that they brought the stories to life, even though the words were difficult for her to read. Angela decided that if she worked hard to learn how to read better, she could truly enjoy the stories.


A young boy and his dog, tak a canoe ride on a lake. A large bird swoops down toward

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