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We're a 501 (C)3 not-for-profit organization supporting children of all ages
who are currently experiencing cancer or other childhood diseases in their lives

A thirteen book adventure series for children experiencing treatment protocols for cancer. Designed to give them a sense of hope, inspiration & encouragement.    learn more

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Just Completed & Available Soon for purchase!

Book 13: The Bahamas, Here I Come

Join a true Minnesota kid who loves adventure and the outdoor life. In The Bahamas, Here I Come, Book 13 in the series The 10,000 Adventures of Minnesota Dan, Dan travels far from home. Sailing with his dad and his sailing buddies, Dan meets fascinating people, endures harsh weather conditions, and rough seas. This story is Dan’s account onboard a newly commissioned Tartan 43-foot sloop-rigged sailboat named Czech Mate. Although he was a novice sailor, the experience gave him a lifetime of memories and allowed him to learn incredible lessons. Our sails are set, the weather is with us, and it’s time to head for the open seas. Like sailors often say, “Ahoy, mate, tropical islands, here we come!”

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