We're a 501 (C)3 not-for-profit organization supporting children of all ages
who are currently experiencing cancer or other childhood diseases in their lives

A twelve book adventure series for children experiencing treatment protocols for cancer. Designed to give them a sense of hope, inspiration & encouragement.    learn more

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Due in late 2022

Book Thirteen is in the works!

In this Thirteenth Book in the series, The 10,000 Adventures of Minnesota Dan: Full Moon Rising readers are transported to life on Czech Mate, a 43 ft. Cutter Rig Tartan sailboat in the Bahamas with Dan’s dad and his sailing mates. Big adventures abound with storms at sea, tricky currents, unplanned squalls and majestic full moon night sailing. 

Visiting new places and meeting new and exciting people allow for self-exploration and highlight the five week island hopping adventure.